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Stream Keepers December

Back at the keyboard after a couple of months away from writing the column, manyRead more ›

July Stream Keepers

With July fast approaching, tomorrow, we are seeing exceptule weather with no rain except forRead more ›

June Stream Keepers

June is now here with the continued sunshine and no rain. With fry salvage underwayRead more ›

Stream Keepers May

May has continued our early summer now we seem to be over spring and thatRead more ›

April Stream Keepers

During the month of March we finished our tree planting and Willow staking for thisRead more ›

March Stream Keepers

Over the past two months we have been busy walking the watersheds bringing new membersRead more ›

Stream Keepers

December came in with our second cold spell; though not too cold it did makeRead more ›

Stream Keepers

December came in with our second cold spell; though not too cold it did makeRead more ›

November Stream Keepers

October was a month of heavy rain events, which resulted in streams running fast andRead more ›

Stream Keepers

October is just around the corner after our very long summer of hot and dryRead more ›


February last year a small band of concerned citizens walked from Quatsino Sound down toRead more ›

Stream Keepers

During the month of June we have salvaged close to 6,000 fry from the lowerRead more ›

Stream Keepers

As June is now upon us the weather is starting to warm up and waterRead more ›

Stream Keepers

Stream keeping in the rain out in the forest is a real pleasure at thisRead more ›

Stream Keepers

April is upon us, cherry and plums trees flowering everywhere you look, buds on theRead more ›

Stream Keepers

March has come rather fast this year as February goes out with hopefully a lastRead more ›

Stream Keepers: Febraury

Rain, we finally had some, seems like it is odd to herald the coming ofRead more ›

Stream keepers

Where has all the rain gone, what was the wet coast has been the dryRead more ›

Stream Keepers

Merry holidays to all and thanks from the fish who by now have most ofRead more ›

Stream Keepers

Luckily we had so much rain during September and early October that flows may stay steadyRead more ›

Stream Keepers

During the past couple of months we have seen the weather revert back to theRead more ›

Stream keepers

Another month rolls by and the nice wet weather continues to re-charge the watersheds bringingRead more ›

Humus Earthworm Organic Gardening

May is rolling along with some fantastic weather these past weeks yes I said weeksRead more ›

Stream Keepers

The last few weeks have been a busy time counting Wild Coho smolts leaving theRead more ›

Spring Has Sprung

Another spring has sprung so to speak, our counting fence has been in for theRead more ›

Stream Keepers – Oct 2012

A great Lantzville Days with lots of folk coming by our tent chatting about streamsRead more ›

Stream Keepers – Sept 2012

August has been a very dry month for our stream, which has meant we haveRead more ›

Streamkeepers ~ June 2012

  The past month we have been active clearing the logging road of overhanging branchesRead more ›

Fry Salvaging from Local Streams

The stream keepers have been very busy this past month fry salvaging from the localRead more ›

Streamkeepers – July 2011

Summer 2011 at least I hope it is summer as at this writing in JuneRead more ›

The April 16th Knarston Creek Clean Up was a Success.

We have to give a big thanks to John and Dave Gregson holders of theRead more ›

March Report – Streamkeepers

This past month we have been busy with tree planting and doing more stream surveysRead more ›

Streamkeepers – Feb, 2011

Winter Creek in Lantzville

Over the holidays we were out every day except forChristmas and New Years day beingRead more ›

Streamkeepers – December 2010

Submitted by John Dunn The past month has been a little on the wet sideRead more ›

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