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I am Brahman… and so are You

In yogic philosophy the ego is referred to as the Ahamkara. Ahamkara translates directly asRead more ›

Yoga, The Practice of Opposition

            Yoga’s physical practice is based upon eccentric contraction.  To really understand this, it’s bestRead more ›

Sound Yoga…

Yoga and modern western science both state that the universe and all that it entailsRead more ›


Duhkha, a Sanskrit term that is very important upon the Yogic path, literally translates toRead more ›

Learning to Let Go

Yoga Philosophy teaches that suffering stems from five root causes or Kleshas: Avidya (ignorance), AsmitaRead more ›

SI Joint Health

Most people have heard of the SI Joint, though most don’t know what it is.Read more ›


Yoga carries a name for the ‘buttons’ that we all possess; the ones that whenRead more ›

India the Mirror…

A few years ago, I took a month-long trip to India which left a lastingRead more ›

Walking the Middle Path

Life exists as a duality: hot and cold, joy and sadness, pleasure and pain. OneRead more ›

The Yogi and Caffeine…

When consuming food and beverage, the yogi is concerned with its effect on not onlyRead more ›

The Art of Yogic Conversation

Years ago, my yogic father gave me a copy of a book that came fromRead more ›

Anger, the emotion of judgement…

Anger is a fascinating emotion. It never appears within our experience without a ‘reason’. ThisRead more ›

Growing in the Mire

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life wouldRead more ›

Partner Yoga: Yoga at Play!

Recently, five students and myself got together to do a Partner Yoga photoshoot. I mustRead more ›

Letting go after the holidays

Another year of Christmas holidays are over, and the chances are high that you haveRead more ›

Meditation: Cultivating The Steady Mind

One of the main purposes of meditation is to allow you to steady the mind,Read more ›

The Yogic Way®: The Philosophy of Handstand

The Handstand. Many students fear it, many students desire it. Oftentimes, those who fear it andRead more ›

The Yogic Way®: The 5 Kleshas

According to Yogic Philosophy, there are five root causes of all suffering.  These root causesRead more ›

Another Man’s Shoes…

I was recently training a group of yoga teachers and asked them to perform aRead more ›

Reshaping the Egoic Self

I spent this last weekend gone training a group of Yoga Teachers, some of whomRead more ›

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