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A View From The Outside: Who’s Gullible?

On the evening of October 30, 1938, “millions” of Americans tuned to CBS radio’s “TheRead more ›

Easy Guide to New Year Resolutions

Now is the time to take a closer look at the perennial practice of makingRead more ›

Rushing In Circles

Travelling the Alaska Highway to the Yukon and returning through BC has been on ourRead more ›

Take It Out or Leave It Out

The green spaces of Lantzville are attracting visitors from all over. Numerous trails make theseRead more ›

One Difference

One evening recently, my wife, my grandson and I visited a local beach on theRead more ›

Let the Debate Begin

In some martial arts competitions the participants begin by bowing to their opponent.  Perhaps weRead more ›

When is it a 3 Minute Egg?

I have recently been made more aware of eating “heart healthy” food.  Not that weRead more ›

The Blue House is Gone

  The blue house lived on the corner of Aulds Road and Harwood Drive forRead more ›

About Global Weather Change

In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit continental United States, flooding New Orleans, and devastating coastalRead more ›

Winter Strategies

  By chance, I looked out the window as an enormous bullfrog hopped across theRead more ›


The classic rhyme says that April showers bring May flowers.  But what do March showersRead more ›

Over Winter

As I stepped out the back door, I was greeted by the haughty “cheep, cheep”Read more ›

Year 2013 in Review

As the seasons progress the weather changes in predictable patterns.  The normal temperatures observed everyRead more ›

Wabbit World

Mid September last, we had no sooner sat down to dinner when my wife leapedRead more ›

Why Not Here?

We were just 50 meters past the bridge when a thump and a crash startledRead more ›

RCMP Community Engagement

The RCMP invited Lantzville residents to an open house on June 19 at Costin Hall. Read more ›


I was sitting down to dinner in early May when I felt or saw aRead more ›

Woodlot 1475

Copley Woodlot2

The loggers are back in woodlot 1475. My initial feeling was to mourn the lossRead more ›

Barn Cat Mythsteries

We have cats in our barn because we don’t want to have cats in theRead more ›


There is a white plastic lawn chair in the center of my garden.    The chairRead more ›

Alder Abuse

Red alder (Alnus rubra) is the most common tree on my property. It is whatRead more ›

Whether Spring Has Sprung

When I looked out the window that morning, a couple dozen robins were hop-hopping aroundRead more ›

A View from the Outside – Our Old Dog

Our dog is getting old. He’s a big dog and lays around a lot. WhenRead more ›

A Bump In the Night

People scoff when I tell them we have a ghost in our house. And maybeRead more ›

Birds of a Feather Sing Together

During my walk one sunny morning in mid October I encountered a huge choir ofRead more ›

Shut the Door

What would you do if you had a couple of frogs come calling at yourRead more ›

The Other Homeless Problem

I first saw Floppy in June. I saw him sitting in my driveway one eveningRead more ›


It is high noon. The bright sun beams its new warmth on the faces ofRead more ›

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Consider three scenarios. In the first: a small flock of sheep is following the shepherdRead more ›

Baa, Baa Black Sheep


Submitted by Lloyd Erickson It was a dark and stormy night in mid-November when theRead more ›

South of Zero

How many times have you heard someone say that they prefer rain to snow becauseRead more ›

Aulde Lang Syne

By Lloyd Erickson It was January 1, year 2000 AD. My computer hadn’t crashed. TheRead more ›

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