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Criminal Identify Theft and the Old United Church Building

On Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 at 10:23 a.m. I was the victim of a fakeRead more ›

An Open Letter to Lantzville’s Four New Councillors

Thursday, November 26 2015 Dear Councillors, Mark Swain, Dot Neary, Bob Colclough, Will Geselbracht; IRead more ›


The Lantzville Woodlot is back in the news. The last time this happened was overRead more ›


The Lantzville Woodlot is back in the news. The last time this happened was overRead more ›

Why Has the Municipal Experiment in Lantzville Failed?

What do you call a place where you work, shop, seek medical services, access recreationRead more ›

Bad Smell

To paraphrase former Lantzville farmer Dirk Becker when he commented on the exodus of staffRead more ›

To Make a Long Story Short

To make a long story short (never short enough) a married couple who run aRead more ›

Shut Up and Pay Your Taxes

“Shut up and pay your taxes” may not be the official motto of the districtRead more ›

Mild Winter

If you think that the winter has been mild here in Lantzville you are right.Read more ›

Does Election Advertising Work?

A high school buddy of mine got elected to the student council presidency on theRead more ›

How Many $100,000/Yr + Bureaucrats Does Lantzville With 3,600 Residents Need?

Should we, the taxpayers of Lantzville support the hiring of yet another $100,000/yr. (approx. incl.Read more ›

November 15th Lantzville Municipal Election Results

MAYOR (underlined elected) Colin Haime 655 Jack deJong 372 Joe Bratkowski 372   COUNCIL (underlinedRead more ›

Secrets and the Election

The old Lantzville Story Why is this election season so quiet? Oh sure, there areRead more ›

Nanaimo Daily Herald 1937: Vancouver Island Better Than California

The following article appeared in the Nanaimo Daily Herald on August 1st, 1937. The HistoricalRead more ›

Lantzville Water: Request For Information

LANTZVILLE WATER: WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW The Lantzville Historical Society is researching the history ofRead more ›

Letter to the Editor: Brian Blood

Dear Lantzville Naieghbors, I am writing to you about my personal concern with the useRead more ›


With 24 inches of precipitation so far this year and only a month to go,Read more ›

New Archives: Captain Allan Cabot, The Negrin Farm

Take a look in the digital archives to find two new articles by Brian Blood.Read more ›

Glacial Grooves, Copley Mountain Lantzville

Many of the local rocky ridges show signs of glaciation from the last Ice Age. TheRead more ›

Brass Cup and Bowl

These items may be of interest if you have been reading the Chambers Diary.  TheRead more ›

Nanaimo Water for Lantzville: Here’s the Deal

Unless you have been on Mars this last week you have probably heard some bitsRead more ›

City Water for Lantzville? Continued…

Mayor deJong,   … quote you: “Suggest to wait until you have all the detailsRead more ›

CHAMBERS DIARY – May 6th, 1891

CHAMBERS DIARY – May 6th, 1891 This is the final day of the Chamber’s Diary.Read more ›

Chambers Diary Tuesday. May 5th, 1891

CHAMBERS DIARY TUESDAY. MAY 5TH, 1891 The train journey ends at the CPR station inRead more ›


Lantzville Historical Society founding member Armand Caillet has provided the society with copies of theRead more ›


These excerpts reveal the presence of two additional children accompanying the Chambers family. In additionRead more ›

COUNCIL MEETING Monday Feb 6, 2012

Financial Plan This was a committee of the whole (COW) meeting at which the councilRead more ›

The Chambers Family Saga Continued

The Chambers Family Saga Continued We have learned a little more about the Chambers familyRead more ›

Why do we have to Grow?

The following aren’t suggestions or even opinions, just a kind of worrying out loud. TheRead more ›

Historical Mystery

A diary of a voyage and train trip came into my possession recently and isRead more ›

Recap of Lantzville Weather 2012

2011 was an average year for weather patterns and events. There were a couple ofRead more ›

Lantzville Coalmine Commemorated

The Lantzville Historical Society unveiled their Coalmine commemoration plaques on a granite boulder at theRead more ›

Lantzville Historical Society Busy in Community

The Lantzville Historical Society has placed a large granite boulder at the foot of JacksRead more ›

September Council Meeting Report – Sept 12

September 12, 2011 ASPENGROVE SEEKS TAX EXEMPTION Ian McIver made a presentation to council askingRead more ›

Council Meeting ~ June 13, 2011

E&N Trail The district has received a $400,000 grant from the provincial “Towns for Tomorrow”Read more ›

District Takes Legal Action on Local Farmer

FERNMAR FRACAS RATCHETS UP ~Submitted by Brian Blood The Victoria law firm, Staples, Mcdannold andRead more ›

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics*

At the May 9th council meeting a staff report was received on the public responseRead more ›

The Negrin Farm

Giordano, the first child in his generation of the Negrin family, was born in theRead more ›

No Tax Increase?

Lantzville council decided at the March 7th council meeting to hold the line on taxesRead more ›

TUP Hearing…. Defining Moment for Lantzville?

When the 130 or so people in Costin Hall realized that the young man fromRead more ›

Too Bad, So Sad

Councilor Parkhurst moved and Negrave seconded a terse motion denying a request for additional paymentsRead more ›

Crowd Forces Meeting Change

An overflow crowd forced Mayor Haime to postpone the scheduled public hearing regarding the proposedRead more ›

Lantzville Civic Centre Lands

RE: COSTIN HALL AND OLD UNITED CHURCH Mayor and Council Thank you for the requestRead more ›

Lantzville Weather Report for 2010

2010 Wetter, Warmer The meteorologists tell us that 2010 was the warmest year yet recordedRead more ›

Council Report – Jan 24/11

LETTERS Benwaldun Beach Access The Knarston Creek flood remediation engineering works have altered the popularRead more ›

Myron Beach Access Damaged

Winter high tides and storms have severely eroded the district-owned public beach access at theRead more ›

Food Production in Lantzville – The Past

Submitted by B Blood The people of Lantzville consume a lot of food today butRead more ›

Lantzville Council Meeting – December 13, 2011

COUNCIL QUESTIONS RDN SURVEY Lantzville pays the regional district a sum of money because ourRead more ›

NRGH – What’s the Problem??

Submitted by Brian Blood The 6th floor at NRGH is quarantined again in the hospital’sRead more ›

Urban Food for Thought

~ Submitted by B Blood District council granted Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw an additionalRead more ›

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