Easy Guide to New Year Resolutions

Now is the time to take a closer look at the perennial practice of making New Year’s resolutions.  No, I’m not intending to question of whether or not to make resolutions. It’s probably useful to take a retrospective look at what we accomplished last year.  And it’s even fun to share goals with family and friends.  What I’m suggesting is examining the art of making and keeping resolutions. 

The easiest way to keep a New Year’s resolution is to make one that is ridiculously easy to keep, right?  What leaps to mind is to resolve to not make any resolutions this year! Which has failed before making the statement!  My easy resolution is to kiss my wife first thing every morning.  Easy; fun too.

I tend to repeat one resolution every year: that’s to take off some weight.  That’s because New Year follows the Christmas baking season.  It’s my wife’s fault actually because she is such a great baker.  That means that her goodies are delicious.  It also means her baking is in such high demand by family that she makes huge quantities of buns, mince tarts, shortbread cookies, various chocolate cookies, fruit pies, cakes, etc.  So from Thanksgiving to January, there is fresh baking always at close reach that is impossible to avoid.  It’s tough being on a diet when the food is always in front of you.  And the other compounding factor at this time of year is that with the shorter days and the longer nights, I am in the house being tempted longer.  Also the number of hours being active are fewer.  It all adds up to a recipe for putting on weight!

So what can a chubby husband do?  This is where the art in resolutions comes in.  First, I try to address the problem.  I need to take off weight.  It is not good enough to say “go on a diet”.  Second, I try to include ways to do that, sort of like “sub-resolutions”. In this case, I try to keep out of the kitchen, where temptation lies. That also lets me avoid helping with the dishes as well! It’s also important to increase activity to actually lose the weight. Finally, I try to include a completion date and maybe a target weight.  I usually try to get down to my svelte self by Thanksgiving, when the cycle starts again!

So for 2016 I resolve to spend more time walking on the beach.  And if you spot some crazy person down there leaping off logs, you will understand, of course, that it is Leap Year! 

Wishing you a healthy and joyous new year.


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