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Since the Lantzville Historical Society purchased the domain name from the previous private owner, we have been committed to keeping this forum open to you the community. I believe we are approaching three years of monthly publication now and, for better or worse, have not necessarily expanded or changed in any significant way. In some ways I think we are actually looking slightly more haggard than when we created the site and could use a bit of a facelift.

There have been the odd summer months where publishing was not feasible and more recently as well there have been a few without an edition. Essentially a lack of content generally drives this. Saying this, we have not made significant attempts to bolter submissions, short of a few mailouts asking for contributors.

Through this time we have had many excellent and committed contributors and the odd controversial article to generate traffic, and comments. I am pleased to say there have not been any submitted that did not meet our guidelines (posted on the website) – all who submitted saw the brilliant light of publication. Through this time we have increased the number of subscribers to a whopping 176! This small experiment has achieved some level of success in reaching out to the community.

You may have guessed where I am going with this, we need more regular contributors. Having a ridiculously busy life (I will spare you the details) my commitment was and continues to be ‘I will post new material monthly and review comments for adherence to our guidelines’ – the rest is up to the community. When the previous hardcopy Log was discontinued by the private owner our intention was simply to provide a sustainable forum for community information. Having Lynn Reeve (President of the Historical Society) edit the Log for twenty or so years, I was reluctantly convinced of the labour involved in sustaining a hardcopy Log. Hence the decision to ’move into the future’ with the online version.

If you are interested in regularly contributing to the let me know either through the website ‘submissions’ or directly at I generally remind contributors a week before the end of the month requesting their submissions for the first of the following month. While I specifically look for regular contributions, don’t hesitate to send ‘one offs’ as well (i.e., obituaries, garage sales, articles of interest, events, etc…). Under the previous ownership I wrote the Council Reports for well over a year finding it rewarding as a contribution to the community. Regular community – based columns like that are especially desirable. Due to the medium, space is not an issue and articles submitted with photographs can present especially well. This is your community newspaper. With renewed interest and content hopefully we can pretty it up and come closer to the original vision of the site being ‘a one-stop shop for everything Lantzville’.



Posted in Historical Society, November 2015

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