July Stream Keepers

With July fast approaching, tomorrow, we are seeing exceptule weather with no rain except for that light shower we got the other day. Now it may have been a light shower down here but it must have been quite heavy up in the mountains as evidenced by the renewed flows along the lower reaches.

Today Tuesday 30 June we had Shaw TV out with us to do some filming of fry salvage. We took them to Bonnel Creek just below the power line and gas crossing fully expecting the remaining pools to be very low but low and behold flows had returned.

 With the pools deeper and the main thalwag actually flowing fry salvage was not really required but due to the film crew we did our best.

Due to deeper water the fry had lots of available habitat to evade capture or so it seemed. Our youngest members Thomas, Jeremy and Adam who persisted and ended up capturing around a fifty fry between them.

Usually in a case like this we would just move them to the main channel as it has flow but due to the film crew we took them to Swan Lake so the film crew could film the location where we release some of the fish.

All in all it was a great morning out along the stream with lots of good humour and teasing of Roy and I over our interviews which hopefully will be shown on Shaw cable over the coming weeks then July Stream Keepers once aired they will put it on You Tube so those of us who have Telus can view it and for you who have Shaw then keep a eye out for it sometime next week and the days after when it will be repeated. Go! Island Nanaimo.

While down along the stream we also took some time to water some of the trees we planted which have put on some awesome growth over the last mild winter and early summer [do not remember any spring as it seemed we went straight into summer back in May].

Over the next months we will continue with saving wild Coho fry where and when we can as every wild fish we save is the possibility of another 2 to 3,000 eggs from every female that make it back to spawn. As it is so hot I will not ramble on as the beach is calling me for a cooling swim and if you have not made it yet for a swim I would recommend you get down as soon as possible for a dip as some of us locals have been swimming since May.

With only about 3 days that where so cold more than a quick dip was too much with only the odd, yes odd person going more than 5 minutes. As I described to one beach goer that if it was any warmer it would be cold.

Now it is well above the cold indicator and you can swim a long way in really warm water that rivals Mexico. Until next month have a great summer and do not forget to visit our Farmers Market every Sunday afternoon.

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