The Blue House is Gone

Blue House pic1 

The blue house lived on the corner of Aulds Road and Harwood Drive for 27 years.  And now it has gone away.  It was built by Ron Dolan and was the family home for most of those years. The Dolans moved along a block and live where they can still see where blue house was.  Following a number of transactions the blue house was purchased by Foothills Developments.  From Aulds Road it was difficult to discern the strategic location, but from the bridge over Galloway Marsh it was easy to see the road alignment pointing from the bridge to the blue house.  It was also easy to see that the blue house would have to be removed at some point to make way for a road.

A far seeing entrepreneur saw the connection and offered to move the blue house. But vagaries of economics rose and interrupted the negotiations.  The blue house was safe for a while.  The entrepreneur moved into the house, because it was going to be for just a short time. That was 5 years ago.

Money doesn’t sit still for long and Foothills Developments and the banks had some discussions.  A new company, Storm Mountain Developments Corporation became the new owner of the Foothill lands.  And of the blue house.  After some more negotiations the blue house was given a new lease on life. A big truck backed under the blue house and overnight January 29/30 the blue house went walk about. All that is left is the foundation and a shallow hole in the ground.  And over the next short while expect the concrete foundations to be moved, and the area cleaned off.  Then there will be a period of waiting.

A new development is obviously coming and will have to follow due process.  The District sets the rules.  The Developer meets and submits a development plan.  Approval may be quick or it might take a lot of discussion.  Perhaps the District needs to consult with the community.   But we do know that the community sewage system came close to the blue house.  There are some considerations about water supply, but Storm Mountain has informed us they have the water.  So expect some truck traffic, and tourist traffic visiting the site, and pretty soon the early signs of development will be coming to a neighbourhood near you!

A road will connect the bridge to Aulds Road, paralleling Harwood Drive, and the Harwood Drive junction with Aulds will be cut off, making the short remainder of Harwood Drive a frontage road. Rumour has it that the new road will join Aulds with a round about.

The saga of the blue house continues.  Its truck ride has taken it to Northwest Bay where it will be put on a  barge and taken to Union Bay.  It will get a new foundation and a new roof, and the blue house will reside there happily ever after.

Posted in A View from the Outside, February 2015

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