4th Annual Lantzville Food Drive – Saturday December 13th at 9AM

Firetruck and RotaryHere is the reader’s digest version of our event:

We are asking people who live in Lantzville to leave non-perishable food items at the end of their driveway or at a location visible from the street on Saturday December 13th at 9AM.

We will come by and pick them up for you so it is nice and easy.

If we cannot see any donation, we will not enter your property so please make it obvious for us to see it.

We are looking for:
1) Non perishable food
2) Baby food
3) Female hygiene products

Let’s make this year the largest year ever! Anything helps!

For more up-to-date information on our Food Drive, visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/lantzvillefooddrive

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Now for more information and history about our Food Drive, please read on…

The Lantzville Food Drive started in our Lower Lantzville neighbourhood.

In 2009, Elizabeth and I decided to drop off a flyer at people’s home asking them to leave some donations on a certain day and we will come by to pick them up.
So with my wife and daughter and the help of Rick and Mary Raffy, we picked up all the food and were so amazed by our neighbours generosity.

We had 2 truck loads full of food to give to the Food Banks.

We decided to do it again in 2010 and had even more success.

So then I thought… Why not do the entire Lantzville?

And from that day in 2011, was born the Annual Lantzille Food Drive.

I asked Lantzville Rotary if they would be so kind to help our humble cause and they were more than happy to help.
They provided funds to buy a portion of the signs and manpower to collect all the food.
We donated a big portion of the food to the Lantzville Firestation who helps local family in needs during the Holidays.
The rest was donated to the Food Banks again.

In 2012, we had the idea to do the same but this time, store some of the food so that we could provide some help throughout the year. Walmart was kind enough to donate 2 dozens totes so we could store the food.

With our Food Drive and the food raised by the kids from Seaview School, we raised enough food to provide a hamper to each Family in Lantzvile during the holidays and other ones during the year.

Our own Fire Chief, Tom Whipps, has been instrumental in coordinating all that help.

2014 will be our 4th Lantzville Food Drive and we want to spread the word even more so we can collect more food.

The plan is the same:
1) Help Local Families in need during the Holidays
2) Store food so we can help them throughout the year
3) Give any extra to the Food Banks or Hamperville program

Together we can achieve more!

Lantzville is a very generous community and it is wonderful to live in it!

We are looking for:
1) Non perishable food
2) Baby food
3) Female hygiene products


Thank you for your generosity and may you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Emmanuel Lint
7212 Tremblay Road

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