Gilakasla.February last year a small band of concerned citizens walked from Quatsino Sound down to Victoria visiting all the towns along the way bringing their message of truth and unity. Led by Chief Beau Dick they walked to bring attention to some of the most important issues of our times. They were also joined by Alexandra Morton who carried the message of the decline of our once abundant Wild Salmon and the threat from fish farms.

As they walked through Lantzville the appearance of all the kids from Seaview to greet and cheer them on made myself proud of Lantzville as I walked through the village with them. I re-joined the walk at Goldstream Park and walked to the steps of the legislator buildings in downtown Victoria with them.

After many speeches on the state of the coastal environments and the decline of Wild Salmon stocks Chief Beau Dick with the help of several Hamatsa broke a Copper on the steps of the legislator building. Breaking copper is a challenge to government to step up to do the right thing for all peoples and the environment as opposed to pandering to the self same corporations who are responsible not only for the destruction of the environment but all the injustices inflicted on the populace no matter who or where you are from.

Fast forward to 2014.

As there was no response from the government of the day the decision was made to take the walk to Ottawa. On the 2nd of July there was a big feast and send off at UBC as the walkers began there cross Canada journey of Truth and Unity. Arriving in Ottawa on the 27th of July they conducted another copper breaking ceremony on the steps of Parliament. This time the Haida carried the copper to be broken.

To keep abreast of developments as they continue across this great land we call Canada you can follow them via Face book @ Awalaskenis 11 – Journey of Truth and Unity. Instructions on how to donate to this historical journey will be found on their Facebook site.


[Welcome – goodbye- the loose translation is I greet you or say goodbye with all my being, my family, my village, my environment and all that I am.]

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