Lantzville Farmers Market

As I write this we come to the end of another week of the Lantzville Farmers Market on a day of showers and even yes some sun though very briefly. With a wide range of vendors selling everything from Fresh grown veggies to Cedar planters Lantzville Farmers Market is a must on any shoppers list who want to obtain fresh produce and stock up on many other delights offered by the vendors.

Bill the baker from Bodi Bakery is there every Sunday with his fresh baked bread and pastries, the queue begins as soon as the opening bell rings as those in the know rush to make sure they get there loaf and treats before he sells out.

Another amazing vendor is Vida and her chocolate stand, now if you think chocolate only comes from the big candy companies then you are in for a real taste treat in her many flavoured chocolate bars, my favourite Simply Dark a plain dark chocolate that after just one piece which obviously is never enough you are hooked, more than well worth a visit even if you only go to get chocolate.

Fresh veggies at this time this year are offered from two organic farmers with lots of fresh greens to choose from will guarantee your Sunday dinner will taste fresh and alive. Salad greens at the moment are awesome to say the least a nice blast of fresh for that salad after a winter of almost fresh from the grocery store [sometimes over a week or two old by the time they reach the store]. Some nice fresh lettuce is starting to be offered and as spring rolls along into summer we will see more and more selection from these hard working folk who are working hard to bring fresh veggies to you all summer long.

This week we had a new addition which attracted the curious to ask questions and buy some of the veggie transplants they had on offer was a nice young couple promoting aquaponics a marriage of veggie culture with aquaculture. For those who are not familiar with this form of gardening they combine hydroponics with fish culture that is basically having a tank large enough to grow fish with a hydroponics bed on top of the tank with a circulating pump pumping the fish water through the growing bed. The fish species is Tilapia a nice white fleshed fish lending itself to any fish recipe you can come up with and one you can easily grow in your own backyard making you self sufficient in fish and veggies during the summer months.

The fellow selling hand made Cedar planter boxes, chairs and other Cedar products gives the market a nice Cedar smell wafting about as you walk closer to his stall.

Of course there is the lady from Qualicum who brings her hanging baskets both flowers and Tumbler Tomatoes in hanging baskets. Those unfamiliar with Tumblers are missing one of the best producers of small salad tomatoes conveniently hanging as close as your kitchen door. Later she will have some nice fresh tomatoes from her greenhouse which taste like tomatoes after a long winter of tomatoes that are tomatoes only in name but lack that taste you get from fresh grown are a real treat.

Other vendors that make up the market are the craft vendors who offer everything from soap, jams, herbs, herbal oils, fresh ground flour, clothing and too many articles to mention, you can be assured you will find that hard to find gift for mum or yourself.

Fresh made hot sauce both Mango Dub and Pineapple Express from Nanoose Creek Chilli Farm. Both in a medium and hot version with coming soon some rare and exotic Chilli plants for the patio for those fresher than fresh Chilli’s when a dash of hot sauce just will not do.

Now for one of the special aspects of the market that a lot of folk miss out on is the music. Each week a different band of musicians playing an eclectic range of tunes that will make your visit a real treat. Located right next to the fresh ground coffee vendor with seating available it is one of those treats once a week where you can shop then relax with a cup of fresh ground coffee or even a nice cup of tea while listening to some of the best musicians Vancouver Island has to offer.

Watching the children dance away the afternoon is another treat as they whirl and jive around. Today we had a young lad around two just rocking away to the tunes while slapping his thigh to the beat, now this young lad will have a bright future if his interest in music at that age stays with him. I would encourage everyone to come down for the music and sit around and relax for awhile enjoying this real treat in music, for you never know who will be playing and no matter your preference in music you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will discover.

The market will be there at the church grounds all summer so dust off those walking shoes and take a stroll down to the market and give yourself a real treat even if you only come for the music you will be pleasantly surprised. Oh one more thing about the market is you will meet your neighbours and make new friends as you socialise and catch up on the local news and who knows some one may invite you for dinner to enjoy the fresh bounty of the day. 

Hope to see you all there next Sunday 1.30 to 4.00PM




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