Dixieland Dance at Costin Hall, May 24th

This was an exciting evening of entertainment and the chance to mingle during a Pot Luck supper. During the Pot Luck the dinners listened to a “Jam Session” where a band played Dixie music. Then there was a short lesson on the “One Step” while the Main Event got ready on the Costin Hall stage. From 8:00 to 10:00 we were royally entertained by “Dixie Downbeat Jazz Band”. The band had never played in our village community centre before and were very impressed with the facility and the friendly, cosy, atmosphere. So were the out of towners who made the trip from Victoria and Comox. Most of the rest of the of people were from Nanaimo. But nobody, I think, from Lanztville other than my wife, Jill, and I. What a pity that we didn’t see any Lantzvillagers enjoying the use of their own village community hall.

Gordon Pascoe


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