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Staff and students at Seaview returned refreshed after our one week spring break and ready to tackle all curricular demands! Report cards were sent home before the break detailing individual children’s goals and achievements, and we look forward to the final term of learning, socializing and playing. Classes throughout the school worked hard on projects and performances to showcase the sheer amount of learning to which they are exposed each day at Seaview at our annual literacy showcase on April 16th. It was extremely well attended by families, enjoyed by all, and a particularly visual way of seeing the growth in students’ skills from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Basketball season for bantam and pee wee boys and girls has come to a conclusion with enormous growth in skills and with the children demonstrating their trademark sportsmanship and team spirit. The school track and field activities saw intermediate students participating in rotating through stations learning the various sports. Our school track meet was a great success and many children have qualified to participate in the zone track and field event.

In the vein of house team spirit we recently enjoyed “twin day” as children and staff dressed like another person. We’ve had “break a rule” day as a grade 7 fundraiser and a day in which children ccould pay $1.00 to break a previously agreed upon class rule. This fundraiser is usually a huge money-maker for the grade 7 end of the year field trip to Camp Capernwray. In March classes have enjoyed various field trips and in class initiatives. The grade 1′s are raising their salmon, the grade 2′s enjoy a monthly guest reader, the grade 3′s and 3/4′s recently visited the Victoria Museum and Imax, the K’s and K/1′s have had skating lessons, and the 5/6′s visited the Nanaimo Museum. As well, several classes enjoyed claymaking with Lee Stead, an artist who visits schools to share her expertise. Just before Spring Break the intermediate students enjoyed a school dance on the same afternoon that the primary children participated in various activities in multi-age groupings. Each class has been allocated a “plot” of garden as their own in which to plants that have been agreed upon through discussion. Some classes prefer vegetable gardens, some flower gardens, and some a combination of both. Learning is a life long endeavour! Recently Mr. Knudsen, local firefighter extraordinaire, visited one day after school to give the staff a detailed, hands-on lesson on fires and the use of fire extinguishers.

Over the last month the K’s and K/1’s visited the Linley Valley beaver pond, the grade 3’s learned about fire safety with the help of the Fire Safety House and grade 5’s and 6’s have learned a lot about drug awareness from the RCMP officers who delivered the DARE program. After a terrific fall field trip to the Nanaimo Hatchery, the grade 1’s returned for another experience at the hatchery learning about the symbiotic relationship between the forest and the stream and the web of life. Their classroom fry are almost ready for release into Blood’s Creek!

The primary classes enjoyed the enriching live theatre experience of seeing several Robert Munsch plays performed by the Dover Bay students and grade 3’s have participated in the “Learn to Swim” program.

The classes are happy to see that most garden plots are showing much growth activity and are now in need of thinning! Our school celebrated Earth Day with our neighbourhood clean-up, with younger children being given routes to the school while older classes do a wider swathe around Lantzville. Seaview students are socially responsible, and recognized that it’s their collective responsibility to keep our community clean.

The staff at Seaview enjoyed greatly a luncheon put on for them by our wonderful Seaview parents last week for “Teacher Appreciation Day”. We return that appreciation after our talent showcase when we put on our “Parent Appreciation Tea” for the amazing parents who do so much for the school and who support their children in all endeavours.

As the weather improves and evening activities increase it is sometimes difficult for the children to remember that there are still 2 months of learning which has yet to be achieved! And for sure, the next months have a myriad of activities. annual talent showcase, as well as the enriching field trips that typically occur as the school year comes to a close. Although it’s been mentioned before, it is worth mentioning again how grateful our school is to the parents who put in countless hours helping around our school in classes, but also in a fund-raising capacity. This hard work benefits all of our children and allows activities and field trips that would otherwise be impossible. So, it’s not just the students, but it’s the parents as well who make Seaview School such a great place to work and learn!


Lindsay Miller

I've taught at Seaview for 23 years as a primary teacher...lived in Lantzville for 19 years. One of my great joys at school is leading a knitting club for the kids.

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