The Elephant on Your Table Presntation and FUAL AGM

The Elephant on Your Table presentation by Kathleen Millar will be followed by light refreshments and a very short annual general meeting (FUAL).

Kathleen Millar is an instructor for Gaia College and has had articles published in a number of online and printed industry publications. Her passion and wide range of knowledge around natural methods has attracted clients ranging from the Town of Qualicum Beach (Organic Turf Trial) to the Society of Organic Urban Landcare (advancing policy change). Other clients have included everyone from organic beef farmers to seed companies, from horse pasture managers to backyard gardeners. Throughout her work, she has been focused on treating crops by increasing the health (nutrientdensity) of the plants, thereby making them more immune to pests and disease. So, it comes as no surprise that when her newborn daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, Kathleen turned her attention to researching disease management by providing nutrient dense foods.

Kathleen was shocked and appalled at the poor quality of much of the conventional and organic food at grocery stores and farmers’ markets. Spurred on by her findings, she went on to create a line of products aimed at helping others buy and grow more nutritious (high-Brix rated) food.

Kathleen is a SOUL (Society for Organic Urban Landcare) Certified Professional, a certified Soil Food Webadvisor and a graduate of the Gaia College Organic Master Gardener and Organic Turf Maintenance programs.

FUAL AGM flyer 2014


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