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Sure, one press of an I-phone button will tell you the date, and the folks down at the Internet can easily let you know what weekend Easter falls on next Spring. But did you know there’s another way to find out information about days, weeks and months from the comfort of you own kitchen? It’s called a calendar, and the volunteers at the Lantzville Fire Hall think you’ll really enjoy our take on this charming anachronism.


LFR fundraising calendars feature shots of your volunteers at work in the community. Taking advantage of special “staple” technology, these photos seemingly float above the days of the week. With the simple turn of the page another amazing shot magically appears – all without the need of batteries, chargers or expensive phone plans.  Our calendars are also extremely resilient – when was the last time you nailed your smart-phone to the wall? Our product can be poked, taped, written on, spilt on, rolled up and then unrolled, all without voiding the warranty.  What will they think of next?


For a $20 donation you can you can have the latest in lo-tech – if you’re interested just say yes when a firefighter knocks on your door this month.  The money raised goes back into the community – whether it’s the Halloween fireworks, Fire Prevention week, or any of the other forms of public education your firefighters undertake.


Speaking of public education, the onset of autumn also means a new season of hazards as we clean up the garden and cozy up to the fire. Here are some important reminders:


•  Install and test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

•  Trim overgrowth to ensure your house number is clearly visible at night from the road

•  Ensure that the driveway to your home is clear to allow access by fire trucks (minimum 10 feet wide and 12 feet high)

•  Clean your roof and gutters

•  Store flammables and woodpiles away from your home

•  Prepare and practice an escape plan

•  Consider replacing your shake roof with a more fire-resistant material

•  Get your wood cut and stored early to allow it to dry completely before burning

•  Clean and inspect your chimney


That last one is an important one – a neglected chimney is a fire hazard. When wood is not burnt hot enough it leaves behind a residue known as creosote along the length of your chimney. When sufficient creosote builds up, it can easily combust, often at temperatures that will destroy your chimney and possibly allow fire to spread into the rest of your house. For that reason annual chimney cleanings are recommended.



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