Lantzville Transition Day Coming

Transitions DrivewayTransition is a movement originating in England. There are now over 1200 Transition initiatives globally and over 80 in Canada. The movement was almost accidentally founded by college teacher, Rob Hopkins, out of a desire to face up to an uncertain future in the face of the twin perils of peak oil and climate change.

The key to Transition’s popularity is that it bypasses partisan politics, even municipal politics, and engages people at the community level, based on the realisation that we can’t wait for national or provincial governments, that would be too little, too late, and we can’t accomplish much as individuals.

Hopkins brought a group of people together to discuss projects that could be undertaken to build community resilience and unleashed a firestorm of positive creativity that embraced food localisation, waste reduction, alternative transportation and much more and started spreading like wildfire.

We in FUAL have recognised for some time that urban agriculture is only one piece of the change that we need to face an unreliable future and have decided that Transition activities could bring Lantzville people together to pursue community development projects. Already several projects have been suggested to us which proponents are willing to present on our transition day at Pyramid Stables on Saturday, October 26th.

Transition is not something that anyone person or group owns. It is a movement that is completely transparent and inclusive, whose sole purpose is to improve community self-reliance. FUAL is just offering to start the ball rolling and become a part of the outcomes. We believe that Lantzville is well-placed to develop into a vibrant community which is not just more suburban sprawl but a true village where people do useful things together.

Anyone who has seen the first board of the accumulating sign at the end of our driveway on Lantzville Road will be wondering what is going on now that we have put up the second board with the date of our event. Well, now you know that we just want to talk about The Power of Just Doing Stuff.

Marjorie Stewart
Links: transitionnetwork.irg

For the Lantzville Transitions event bookmark: Transition Day bookmark

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