Brass Cup and Bowl

These items may be of interest if you have been reading the Chambers Diary.  The Chambers family brought their own cups and bowls on the immigrant ship and C.P.R. train. The ship owners provided very basic soups/stews and gruel to their steerage passengers. These foods were received in the passengers own cups and bowls, which they then cleaned themselves. The Chambers stopped eating the ship food and dined from their own provisions when the cook was observed spitting in the food.

This cup and bowl belonged to George Copley who made a similar journey on an immigrant ship in 1900, alone at the age of 17. The Chambers family and George Copley bought land in the Nanoose Land District. Chambers purchased waterfront land west of the Nanoose First Nations Reserve and Copley purchased 40 acres at the foot of the ridge that still bears his name. Both locations are now within the modern District of Lantzville. The Thicke family farm (now the Negrin farm) was situated midpoint between the Chambers and Copley places. May Chambers (8 yrs old in her mother Jessie’s diary entries from 1891) married David Thicke and George Copley married David’s sister Marion Ethel Thicke. Ethel Copley (nee Thicke) and her sister-in-law May Thicke (nee Chambers) became close friends.


George Copley

George Copley











Ethel Thicke

Ethel Thicke










Ethel Copley (L) and May Thicke (R)

Ethel Copley and her sister in law May Thick (wife of Dave Thick)











Brass cup and bowl

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Brian is old Lantzville. He gardens, walks his Aussies, reads about the Ottoman Empire and was an anarchist in his youth.

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