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Following the success of our fully-subscribed food gardening workshop last month, we are considering another learning and hands-on session at Pyramid Stables with Connie Kuramoto in July.

A session about processing local food is in planning for harvest time and we are considering a Transition Initiatives exploration day in early fall.

Lantzville incorporated as a village 8 years ago, mainly to prevent further property-by-property losses to the City of Nanaimo. But what kind of a village are we? Do we support local services or drive past them into Nanaimo? We have some agricultural land but it does not appear to be being farmed. According to our official Community Plan (OCP), Lantzville residents want to be “semi-rural”. What does that mean?

FUAL directors plan to present information about the nearly 500 transition initiatives occurring in developed countries where people are working towards an alternative to total reliance on oil to maintain our lifestyles.

Structured around themes of food, education, economy, transportation, and governance, transition initiatives are grassroots activities looking beyond failing global systems and building more resilient communities to withstand the shocks to come.

FUAL directors think Lantzville is uniquely poised to reinvent itself as a sustainable community, with local infrastructure supported by local human enterprise and local natural resources.

Our primary industry could be the new agriculture, blended into our community in a harmonious ecological balance between neighbours.

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