Woodlot 1475

The loggers are back in woodlot 1475.

My initial feeling was to mourn the loss of the trees and of the habitat for wildlife, especially the birds. But when I got over the gagging, I actually found it interesting to watch the machinery working. After all, resource extraction has always been the backbone of provincial coffers; the government had determined this area must pay its way.  But this is not the first time this site has been logged.  Old stumps on the site attest to the first logging 60 or so years ago.

I think that John Gregson has tried to meet the concerns of the neighbours.  He has kept the fallen trees off the trails, and even installed a culvert where the road crosses the trail.

Copley Woodlot1

The Copley Woodlot trail crosses the center of this picture.

 Copley Woodlot2

 The logging has avoided putting debris onto the trails.  The trails have been kept clear and can be used when the loggers are not operating. In this picture the setting is to the right; the flagging on the trees mark the boundary of the setting. The trail up the center of this picture used to be a logging road, and I can remember driving my old pickup truck on it. This is the Copley Woodlot trail and extends all the way to Turnour Road, and the roads that are accessed from Northwest Bay (Island Timberlands).

Copley Woodlot1

The cut block shown here is about 3 hectares in size.  A number of older Douglas fir trees and cedar have been left standing.

The Forest Service sign at the start of the logging road says this is sustainable harvest.  In this case, it means the timber volume per year is small, and it means that the logging will continue over many years.  This is much healthier for the forest, and for us users.

Lots of neighbours have seen this logging, many while walking their dogs.  There are many, many trails accessible from this logging road and some parallel to the logging road. You may have observed that numbers of not-so-thoughtful people have used this area as well. I know that John Gregson has removed quite a few garbage bags of refuse from this area, and last month removed a discarded sofa that had been dumped.  If you see people dumping garbage in our area, please record the licence number and report to the RCMP or Conservation Officers.



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