Seaview Update and New Playground

Seaview is abuzz with activity!  The students have worked tirelessly on their various assignments.  Some of our grade 7′s are enjoying the math enrichment provided by Dover Bay on Friday afternoons; they are working hard to challenge the grade 8 math curriculum and to go directly in to math 9.  Grade 5-7 students have participated in the “Power Up” personal health and awareness lessons, and the grade 6 class has been enjoying the enrichment of orienteering activities lead by guest speaker Brian Peterson, one of our Seaview dads.

Classes have participated in a variety of fieldtrips. Our Grade 1 / 2 class went to Healthamongous.  The K’s and K/1′s recently visited the emergency veterinarian clinic to get a “behind the scenes” understanding of animal care as part of their “careers” study.  One of our classes made a visit to the “Romper Room” climbing facility. The grade 4 class visited the “Recycling Exchange” as part of their environmental study surrounding Earth Day.  To celebrate Earth Day, the each class in the school picked up garbage in different areas of Lantzville; Seaview students recognize that it is their collective responsibility to be caring global citizens and this starts by keeping Lantzville clean.  Further, some of our grade 7 students, in recognizing the importance of caring for others around the world, are presently undertaking an initiative called “Pennies for a Porridge Pot”; they are collecting coins to hopefully raise the required $600.00 to enable an Ugandan School.  A porridge pot will provide the means to ensure that children at the school will receive at least one solid meal a day.

Basketball season has now finished with amazing skill development by all participants but even more impressive is the outstanding sportsmanship shown by all our children.  Track season is upon us with grade 3 – 7 students having some afternoon practices at rotating stations.  The school track meet will be held on May 2nd at the Rotary Bowl located at NDSS.

We were fortunate to be entertained recently by the hugely talented “Coast Sound Youth Choir” from Vancouver.  As well, school spirit was cultivated in a recent spirit day in which children were encouraged to wear a “crazy hat” or “crazy hair”.  On May 8th, children will proudly display the evidence of their learning in our school-wide “Learning Showcase”.  On Wednesday, April 24, the school community was able to enjoy the skills of some of our very talented students in our “Talent Showcase”.  The “Parent Appreciation Tea” followed this event.  It was an opportunity for staff to thank the parents of our school; we are very fortunate to have many parents who work so hard giving of their time in a variety of ways to enhance the learning for ALL children.

In this vein… a very important project has come to fruition.  One extraordinary parent, Cherie Alyward, came up with the idea to honour two of our students who tragically died in a house fire last year by building a new playground in their memories.  Under her passionate direction a number of events provided the funds for this playground.  The whole community pulled together, and $50,000 was raised.  In addition to the fundraisers the District of Lantzville and the Lantzville Legion each provided $5,000.00 apiece to help make this dream a reality.

This last weekend many, many parents, students and other members of our community turned out to dig, build, guard and otherwise ensure that the playground went up on schedule.  Staff at Seaview are so grateful for the parents that we have at our school and it makes it pretty easy to see why the children are so great!  This playground will be a testament to the community of Lantzville’s determination to work together, to support each other, and to share a common goal.  It with be a wonderful tribute to two very, very special boys.

With just over two months left in the school year we have a lot of curriculum to cover, but also many adventures to pursue.  As always, the culture of our school and the inhabitants of its walls make Seaview such a great place to work and learn!

Lindsay Miller

I've taught at Seaview for 23 years as a primary teacher...lived in Lantzville for 19 years. One of my great joys at school is leading a knitting club for the kids.

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