Spring Break

Spring break begins today and Seaview children are abundantly ready for it! They are exhausted from the relentless curricular demands, but as always, there are activities that temper the hard work with a great deal of fun.
At the end of February it was pink shirt day and all children wore a pink shirt to remind ourselves how important it is that bullying not be tolerated at school and in life in general. Today the school had a spirit day for St. Patrick’s Day. Many, if not most, wore green to remember the patron saint of Ireland. (My question is…why is there a St. Patrick’s Day and not a St. Andrew’s Day to honour the patron saint of Scotland?) The primary classes enjoyed a St. Patrick’s Day multi-aged grouping of activities. The grades 5 -7 enjoyed their “spring fling” dance in honour of St. Patrick’s Day as well.The ever popular crazy hat/crazy hair day will happen shortly, and it’s always hilarious to see what staff and children wear on their “lids”.
As sping break approached and children reached fatigue, many classes went swimming or skating as part of their daily physical activity. The grade five and six students had their ski trip to Mt. Washington cancelled due to an unprecedented amount of snow, and this event will now happen after the break. Classes from grade 3 and up were fortunate to receive the badminton tutelage of Alf McGuire and a good time filled with the acquisition of new skills was had by all. The grade five class has benefitted from the instruction implicit in the DARE program – a program delivered early in the children’s development to ensure that they are aware of the perils of drugs and other substance abuse.
Seaview, and district teachers, enjoyed the professional instruction delivered at pro-d this month. Many, many years ago teachers elected to have 5 days added on to the school calendar, so that these days could be used intermittently throughout the year in order to learn new things to enhance the instruction for students. Seaview staff learned a variety of skills, and during the “Mind Up” workshop we learned techniques of calming and focussing children to ensure that optimal learning can occur.
Our annual “Jump Rope for Heart” initiative raised more than $6,000.00! This event is an event in which children can realize that we all have a part in contributing to the common good as well as practicing the importance of heart-healthy activities. Our annual literacy fair falls at the end of April and is a method for students to showcase their growth in literacy. It is truly a testament to the enormous growth in skills which the children of Seaview experience and a huge illustration of developmental levels. As one visits the various grade level exhibits it is easy to see how far a child grows cognitively and in their literacy as they travel from Kindergarten to grade seven.
Our intrepid PAC is continual in their efforts to benefit the school experience for ALL children as they continually fundraise. There was a family movie night featuring “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” recently, which although wasn’t designed as a fundraiser, certainly raised school spirit.
Our own Cherie Alyward, PAC president extraordinaire has done it again. In the aftermath of our tragedy in which our two boys died in a house fire at the end of January, she had instigated a means in which they can be remembered in a positive way. Wow, did those boys know how to play!!! So, she has begun an enormous project to ensure that our boys are remembered. She has spearheaded a lmemorial fund which will provide the necessary money to build a playground in the childrens’ honour. We at school have all been contributing and money from the community has been pouring in, but more is needed. If folk are able to contribute a tax receipt will be issued. Please think of contributing to this wonderful memorial for our boys.
As you can see life moves on briskly apace at Seaview and continues to make it such a great place to work and learn.

Lindsay Miller

I've taught at Seaview for 23 years as a primary teacher...lived in Lantzville for 19 years. One of my great joys at school is leading a knitting club for the kids.

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