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Year after year, January is a month in which we experience much academic growth.  For most children this is a time when teachers observe tangible evidence of the excellent learning occurring as a result of the groundwork in skills laid down in the fall.

In addition to the ongoing curricular demands, life for Seaview students is tempered with extra-curricular activities and enriching activities within the regular curriculum.  Our Pee Wee girl’s volleyball team was undefeated in all games in the regular season and earned fourth place (out of ten schools) in an in-district tournament. Our Pee Wee boy’s volleyball team finished an impressive second place in their playoffs.  Our bantam girls showed great team spirit but were knocked out of the playoffs.  The recent snow has delayed our Bantam Boys first playoff game. Coaches for the teams, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Schultz, Ms. Favelle, Mrs. Antifave, Mr. Biggs and Mr. Weighill are proud of the amazing growth in skills as well as the outstanding sportsmanship displayed by all players.  Next up in our sporting season is basketball.

The Kindergarten students and some grade one’s are participating in skating lessons.  Many classes will soon by fortunate enough to receive curling instruction in the Rocks and Rings program; the funding for this activity is being provided by our eternally generous PAC group who, as usual, continues to put in countless hours fundraising for enriching activities such as this.

Grades 5 – 7 are participating in the “Power Up” program, which covers the sensitive parts of the Health and Careers program, and most primary classes will be receiving the important instruction implicit in the “Care” kit, a program about personal safety for young children.

Knitting club continues with a small, but very, very keen group of students.  Students meet with Mrs. Miller two days a week at lunch times to learn and practice their craft!  There are rubics cubes galore around the school (what’s old is new!), and soon there will be a rubics cube club to help students master the cube.  Also, many classes will enjoy buddy activities around Chinese New Year.

Several student teachers from VIU are visiting our school 6 times this year to observe teachers at our school.  They visit a variety of grade levels to gain experience in developmental differences among children as well as to observe different styles of teaching.  Many teachers on our staff, as part of our ongoing professional development, are studying a book titled “Mindset”; they meet at lunchtime to discuss the implications on our teaching practice.

Friday, January 20th was “Weekend Warrior” spirit day in which children and staff came dressed in the garb they would wear when enjoying their weekend activities, or if they choose, simply wear their pajamas.  These spirit days that we have throughout the year are awfully good fun as well as being morale building.

Expectations are high for our students, and they never fail to exceed our very highest expectations!  Staff and students look forward to the upcoming months of fruitful growth and learning, and it is why, once again, Seaview School is such a great place to work and learn!


Lindsay Miller

I've taught at Seaview for 23 years as a primary teacher...lived in Lantzville for 19 years. One of my great joys at school is leading a knitting club for the kids.

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