Seaview Elementary – Oct 2011

Seaview School’s September start-up has gone smoothly and children are immersed in their curriculums.  We enjoyed a much larger influx of students registering in August than is typical, and the happy result was the addition of a new primary division.  We are still awaiting the announcement of the new grade 2/3 teacher, but we are very pleased to have Mrs. Norcutt is filling in during the interim!  As well, we have a new grade three teacher, Miss Favelle, who will work 4 days a week while Mr. Young spends one day a week working with these students.  The change in school year saw Seaview lose all six of our education assistants, but we have been assigned two new ones, Mr. Porta and Mrs. MacGuire.

Social responsibility continues to be implicit in all daily activities.  Some overt examples of our collective responsibilities as good citizens take the form of things such as The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  This event will take place on Friday, September 23, as all children and several of our parents and school staff will be scouring the beach both near (for the younger students) and far (for the older students).  The Terry Fox run takes place on September 30th and the children will be raising their coins to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

Daily fitness contributes to general health as well as brain functioning and in addition to daily physical activity in each class we have begun our School Wide Run on Fridays again.  The children collect sticks for each lap of the course, the sticks equate to 500 meters, and these amounts are being put together as our school attempts to run across Canada.  Our extra-curricular athletics have also started up.  Mr. Biggs and Mr. Young are working with our Bantam and Peewee Boy Football teams.  Mr. Thomas is coaching our joined Bantam-Peewee girl’s soccer team.  Several of our helpful parents, in particular Cheryl Morch and Dori Hodges, are actively preparing for our cross-country team.  Thank you, coaches!

It is often said that you need a community to help raise a child.  This is very true at our school as evidenced by the ongoing activities.  Thanks to the combination of school staff, students, and parents that have helped get the year off to such a great start.

Lindsay Miller

I've taught at Seaview for 23 years as a primary teacher...lived in Lantzville for 19 years. One of my great joys at school is leading a knitting club for the kids.

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