September is Fundraising Month for LVFD

This year we are excited to present to you another “ALL Lantzville 2012 Calendar” showing you photographs of our future leaders. All the photographs were taken by Kelli at Etheridge Photography and the calendar was printed locally. We will be commencing door to door sales in early September and hope to sell out by the end of fire prevention week in October. We are again, asking $20.00 for the calendar. The calendar is also very community–orientated with dates for school holidays and local community events. In addition to the calendar we will be passing out safety brochures, a DVD on clean burning practices and a smoke alarm. This is our main public safety and education program as well as our major fundraiser for the year. Please support us!

Lantzville Fire Rescue is not only your fire department which responds to medical emergencies, automobile accidents, rope rescue and fires but we also provide a variety of other community services. As well as the fireworks display, the bonfire on Halloween, and the community garage sale, we also participate in the Muscular Dystrophy drive, parades, traffic control, first aid, Fire Prevention Week open house, public education, Legion and other community activities.

All this costs money so this September we are on a fundraising blitz to help us raise funds to support such endeavours. Please keep the following events and dates in mind and be generous with your contributions. We will have a door-to-door fund raising blitz evenings beginning on September 12th. We will introduce ourselves to the community, give advice on signage and house accessibility, hand out a house fire safety check list and ask for donations.


Minetown Day is on Saturday, September 10th this year. Look for the Lantzville Fire Rescue booth. We will have public education material, a house safety check list, fire equipment demonstrations and hands-on activities for kids both big and small and, of course, our 2012 calendar!

Family Fire Drill is on October 6th this year. Fire departments in British Columbia are participating in the Community Fire Drill on Wednesday, October 12th at 6:30 PM Test your smoke alarm at 6:30 pm and then practice your escape plan and gather at your pre-arranged meeting place. If you have any questions or concerns about your escape plan please feel free to discuss them with us.

Think “SAFETY” in all your endeavors. This fall, consider attending to the following chores prior to the winter season.

Install and test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Ensure that your house number is clearly visible, in both directions, at night, from the road

Clean up the area around your home to minimize the danger of wildland fires

Clean your roof and gutters

Store flammables and wood piles away from your home

Prepare and practice an escape plan

Trim branches overhanging your house

Ensure that the driveway to your home is clear to allow access by fire trucks (minimum 10’ wide and 12’ high)

Consider replacing your shake roof with a more fire-resistant material

Get your wood cut and stored early to allow it to dry completely before burning

Clean and inspect your chimney

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