Spring Has Arrived at Seaview

In addition to the curricular activities upon which the children feverishly work, there have been many nice complements to these activities that enrich the learning of the children. The grade 2/3 and grade 3 classes recently attended Morrell Sanctuary for the “Forest Detectives” program and the primary classes in their house teams enjoyed a multi-grade grouping set of Easter activities such as egg dying, dance, stories and Easter cookie decorating.  The grade 1/2 class recently released 94 salmon fry into Blood’s Creek. The students lovingly raised and nurtured the fry in the classroom, raising them from eyed egg to alevin and finally into healthy fry ready for release.  The children were disappointed that there were 10 egg deaths due to a blight of some sort, but they are also aware that a result of 94 live fry raised in our artificial environment is significantly higher than what would be realized in the wild.  This class, as well as the K/1 class, is due to visit the Nanaimo River hatchery next week to enjoy the activities around the symbiotic relationship between the forest and the stream.

The children are aware that it is their collective responsibility to keep our school and grounds clean and free of litter. Each week a different class is responsible for ensuring that this is so.  On April 21st our school celebrated Earth Day by making a wider swath around Lantzville. This saw older children venturing further away to clean up areas, while the younger children were assigned routes close to the school.  Social responsibility is an intrinsic part of education at Seaview School and something that the staff tries to cultivate on a daily basis. It is gratifying when there are situations that make it evident how the children are recognizing the role they can play to make the world a better place.  Recently, as part of their science curriculum, Mr. Weighill’s grade six class had been viewing various Planet Earth videos.  Of their own accord, the children began to brainstorm ideas about ways to raise money to sponsor an endangered animal through the World Wildlife Federation.  Many children earned money at home by doing chores. They gave the money to this endeavor; car washes are in the works, and on a recent completely student-organized bake sale they raised $232.00 towards the, yet to be determined, animal.

In the same vein, with regards to social responsibility, our students recently raised money for heart disease in our annual “Jump Rope for Heart” day.  Our school raised over $2,000.00 to donate to the cause with our very own Jenny Boyle single-handedly raising an enormous amount.

Our annual literacy fair is happening next week, and the children will be given the opportunity to showcase levels of literacy learning in the form of displays, plays, projects and writing samples, and essentially their growth in their levels of literacy learning. The try-outs for the talent showcase have happened and the children fortunate enough to have their name drawn will need to practice honing their performance in preparation for the actual event on May 18th.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the children in the audience to see performances by their peers that are excellent as a result of the commitment and continual practice over time.  As usual, our Parent Appreciation Tea will follow in the library.

Basketball season has come and gone with our children demonstrating expected growth. Equally importantly, they have displayed good sportsmanship when winning and losing with grace.  “Crazy hat and hair day” was both morale boosting and hilarious as many students and staff put a great effort into looking as ridiculous as possible.

We at Seaview are so grateful for the support we receive to make the children’s’ school experience enriching, meaningful, and authentic.  Our PAC parents work tirelessly in their fundraising efforts to provide money to enhance children’s’ learning.  The countless hours they spend in raising funds through hot dog and hot lunch sales, raffle ticket sales for gift baskets and Seaview clothing orders are just a few of these.  The money they raise helps with field trip costs, but it also provides the funds for classroom initiatives such as materials for special projects and events.  Things like holiday craft materials, buying butterfly larvae, etc., etc., are possible due to the Herculean efforts of these parents and augment and enrich learning  The donation of hot dogs by our local Quality Foods make these events particularly lucrative and are an enormous financial help by this very generous store.  Other help for our school has come in the form of a donation from St. Phillips by the Sea Anglican church that has generously donated funds to further provide activities and materials to our children.

There are just two months left in our school year but much curriculum still needs to be covered and we will continue to work briskly!  Seaview School continues to be a whirlwind of curricular, extra-curricular and social adventures. As such, it continues to be a great place to work and learn.


Lindsay Miller

I've taught at Seaview for 23 years as a primary teacher...lived in Lantzville for 19 years. One of my great joys at school is leading a knitting club for the kids.

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