Seaview Events – Feb, 2011

January has been a frenzy of activity as it typically is. It is a month that the school staff particularly likes, year after year, as it is the month in which academic growth is very visible. Children are well into their routines and the efforts they put into their learning during the fall are now reaping the happy results!

In addition to the curricular activities, which continue from classroom to classroom, there are many additional activities that enrich the children’s school experience: the grade 5 and 6 classes are going curling; a ski trip is another activity the grade 6 students are looking forward, and several classes are going skating with their buddy classes. The grade 5 class is being visited by an RCMP constable who delivers the DARE program which is designed to give children the life skills they need to avoid involvement with drugs, gangs, and violence. The K/1 and the 1/2 class are enjoying the lessons revolving around Baby Lane and Baby Kieran in the Roots of Empathy program; they experience weekly lessons that build connections between themselves and their classroom baby and we are most grateful to Lindsay Purkis and Michelle Meade for allowing us to enjoy knowing and learning from their babies. Roots of Empathy’s mission is to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults; its vision is to change the world child by child.

Thanks to Mr. Biggs, Mr. Schultz, Mr. Weighill, and Mr. Thomas for coaching the volleyball teams this season. Apart from terrific development of skills, even more important was the development in sportsmanship. When playing games “away” our teams are excellent ambassadors for our school as they conduct themselves impeccably!

Primary games have started up on Tuesdays at lunch and intermediate games are scheduled to begin in February. Today was “twin” day in which pairs of children dressed alike to an often-hilarious effect! “Byte Camp”, an optional after school activity, is scheduled to begin next week; this activity is designed to challenge and enrich the computer technological understanding of students in grades 4 – 7. Soon we will be having “Pink Shirt Day” as an exercise in bullying awareness. On January 28th, we will have an evening Family Fun Night put on by our most excellent PAC.

Learning is a lifelong endeavour. Each year, the teaching staff chooses a professional literature title to read and discuss that will inform their practice and improve their delivery as professionals. This year we are reading “Understanding Poverty” by Ruby Payne and benefiting enormously from the author’s insights and dialogue!

So… we’re halfway through the year with much to accomplish yet. We continue to temper the enjoyment that is inherent in learning with many social and extra-curricular activities to continue to ensure that Seaview School is a great place to work and learn!

Lindsay Miller

I've taught at Seaview for 23 years as a primary teacher...lived in Lantzville for 19 years. One of my great joys at school is leading a knitting club for the kids.

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