Lantzville Fire Rescue – January 2011

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Congratulations! You’ve all made it to another year and a new set of New Year resolutions. Fitness, lifestyle, health, safety, friendliness, hard work, neighbourliness (if that’s a word), and community spirit should all be at the top of your priority list. Strive to make your resolutions last for at least one year.

It is with deep regret that we announce the departure of Captain Dennis High who, along with his beautiful wife Lynn, is leaving for Kelowna to begin a new chapter in their lives. Dennis and Lynn are Albertans that somehow found their way here more than twenty years ago and lucky for us because they immediately became involved in the Lantzville community. Dennis joined the firehall twenty years ago and Lynn was an active member of the Ladies Auxiliary. Lynn originated from a firefighting family in Calgary. She helped with virtually anything the department was involved in, from fund raising, to dances to Minetown Day. Numerous times she single handedly decorated the firehall for the Christmas party. No small task! Both Dennis and Lynn were always available to anyone in need. They were devoted to the Lantzville community and will be sorely missed. The department will have to dig deep to find a replacement for Dennis. He takes with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether it was in command, in the direst of emergencies, when life and limb were at risk, or, whether it was showing compassion for an old lady whose husband had just been taken by ambulance to the hospital for chest pains by going into the kitchen to make her a cup of tea, Dennis could always be counted on to perform above and beyond the call of duty with professionalism and compassion. In Dennis’ own words, “Sometimes when the alarm sounds your adrenalin kicks in and you say to yourself … HOLY S**T …. Take a deep breath …you have to calm down, assess the situation, and get the job done”. We are consoled by the fact that Dennis, a dyed-in-the-wool firefighter and trucker all his life, is now in a new job selling fire trucks. How great is that. The best of both his worlds!

The firehall now has a full complement of volunteers from keen recruits to seasoned veterans ready to serve the needs of our community. On January 24, at the Lantzville District Office, the Deputy Fire Commissioner, Dave Ferguson, will present Lantzville Fire Rescue members with their service recognition pins. They are: Chief Tom Whipps (30); Captains Dennis High (20), Glen Dickinson (15) and Sarah Randall (10); Firefighters Ken Spence (45), Steve Page (20), Jack Mowatt (15), Liz Thomas (5) and Scott Kidd (5). The department commends these people for all the time and effort they have given to our community.

Safety Tip

Chimney Fires: Ensure that the wood you are burning is dry (it should not bubble or hiss when burning). You should have your chimney inspected twice per year. Also, don’t dampen down the fire too much or too often without burning a hot fire to minimize the creosote build-up in your chimney. Call 911 quickly if your chimney begins to roar. Your house and your life are at risk!

Julie Winkel

Julie is a graphic artist - who has worked in the newspaper industry since 1993. She runs her own Graphic Design business (Island's Edge Graphics) here in Lantzville, as well as Publisher of The Log. Julie moved to Lantzville with her 4 kids and husband in 2008 and is thoroughly enjoying life on the Island.

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