Lantzville Fire Rescue – October 2010


Our fundraising blitz is over and we have deemed it a huge success due to the warm reception and generosity we received during the door to door firefighter calendar sale. We still have a few calendars left and plan to go door to door during the weeks before Christmas. Calendars can also be purchased at the town hall, the Lantzville Market and the Lantzville Pub.

We have applied for a Direct Access grant for 2011 through the BC Gaming commission. The monies, if awarded, will be used to buy public education material, smoke alarms, upgrade the antique trucks, improve the upstairs office and possibly create a scholarship/bursary program. Your fire department is really two organizations: Lantzville Fire Rescue, a paid-on-call fire department reporting to the municipality of Lantzville and the Lantzville Volunteer Fire Fighters Association, a society, officially incorporated in 1992.

Lantzville Fire Rescue is responsible for fire fighting, medical aid, traffic accident response, firefighter training, public safety, and maintenance of equipment and hall. Lantzville Fire Rescue receives its money from the city of Lantzville through local taxes.

The Lantzville Volunteer Fire Fighters Association is responsible for fundraising, community events such as the fireworks on Halloween, public safety education, maintenance of the antique truck, hall and equipment supplies and other duties, as required. The society receives money through donations and fundraising activities such as calendar and garage sales. The separation between our two organizations is sometimes unclear and may overlap but for the most part this structure works quite well.

We now have a full complement of 33 volunteers, the first time in over 10 years. If there is some attrition over the next few months we may have another intake of recruits in April 2011.

Day and night, 365 days per year, 127,000 volunteer firefighters protect over 80% of Canada’s land mass. Approximately 3,500 of Canada’s 4000 fire departments are voluntary. So far this year we had 106 calls consisting of 47 medical assists, 16 motor vehicle accidents, 19 fires, 13 burning complaints and 11 miscellaneous calls.

Halloween is almost upon us and we have planned a bonfire and fireworks display for Sunday October 31 at the tennis courts by Seaview School The bonfire will be lit at 6:30pm and the fireworks will begin at 7:45pm. Be sure to bring the kids down to enjoy the show. Free hotdogs and hot chocolate will be provided courtesy of the Lantzville Market.

Remembrance Day is Thursday November 11 and your fire department will be marching in the parade and laying a wreath at the cenotaph. We will also be on the streets for traffic control. So, watch for us and stop and say hello!

Safety Tips
Remember to clean your chimney prior to the winter season and to burn only seasoned or fully dried wood to reduce creosote accumulation and reduce the risk of chimney fires. Also, this Halloween, when trick or treating ensure that reflective clothing is worn by the parents and kids and make sure to take out a flashlight with spare batteries. It’s never too soon to check your tires and consider snow tires for the winter months. Check the batteries in your smoke alarms at the end of daylight savings time on November 7th.

Julie Winkel

Julie is a graphic artist - who has worked in the newspaper industry since 1993. She runs her own Graphic Design business (Island's Edge Graphics) here in Lantzville, as well as Publisher of The Log. Julie moved to Lantzville with her 4 kids and husband in 2008 and is thoroughly enjoying life on the Island.

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